Lamb Specialties


Enjoy a bottle or glass of one of our fine wines matched perfectly with your dinner. Ask your server for more information, or look at our selection on the menu (left). Thank you for dining with us!

Rogan Josh-$14.95
Cubes of choice meat cooked in Indian gravy made out of onion, tomato, touch of yogurt, and ratton jog flavor of saffron.

A spicy South Indian curry prepared with hot spices and potatoes with meat of choice.

Balti Gosht-$15.95
Chunks cooked with various vegetables in  tomato & onion gravy.

- A rich flavorful almond and cashew nut curry with your choice of meat.

A strongly flavored South Indian inspired dish using curry leaves, coconut, and meat of choice.


Pepper Fry-$14.95
Sauteed diced onion with south indian tadka, black pepper based. Very hot, with your choice meat.

Neelgiri Korma-$15.95
Cubes of choice meat cooked in fine Indian green herbs with a poppy seed and yogurt base gravy with a touch of coconut flavor.

Incorporate your choice of meat with a healthy spinach component.

A traditional curry prepared with onion, garlic, and Indian spices with your choice of meat.

A South Indian curry using 14 different Indian spices and fresh coconut with your choice of meat.

A  meat of your choice in a gravy consisting of sautéed onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

Do Pyaza-$14.95
A light gravy consisting of garlic, ginger, and Indian spices with a strong onion element with your choice of meat.